Spring - Summer 2018

Love baseball? Or course you do! And there's no better place to get your child involved in our national past time than the Boys & Girls Club. We have a long history of introducing youngsters to this amazing sport and offer leagues for kids starting in Kindergarten and going all the way through age 12! So sign your kid up today, and get ready to play ball!

Spring Baseball

Sign ups: Feb 14-th - 25th, 2018
Financial Aid Accepted: Feb 9th-23rd

Season: March 20th - May 26th
Hub DeJong Tourney: June 2nd - 4th

Summer Baseball

Sign ups: May 15th - 20th
Financial Aid Accepted: May 11th - 18th

Season: June 12th - July 20th
Make-up Games: July 24th - 27th

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