Spring & Fall 2017

Do you have a child between 3rd and 8th grade? Is she or he ready for a sport that combines teamwork, communication, and a whole lotta fun? Then come out for volleyball at the Boys & Girls Club! Learn how to bump, set, spike, and serve in one of The Club's leagues and watch the fun take care of itself!

Spring Volleyball

Sign ups: Feb 14th - 25th
Financial Aid Accepted: Feb 9th - 23rd

Season: March 20th - May 29th

Fall Volleyball

Sign ups: June 5th - 17th
Financial Aid Accepted: May 25th - June 15th

Last Chance Signups: Aug 1st - 12th
Financial Aid Accepted: July 27th - Aug 10th

Season: Aug 21st - Oct 23rd
Fall Volleyball Tournament: Oct 24th - 26th

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Spring Volleyball

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