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Did you know that Michael Jordan, LeBron James, Chamique Holdsclaw, Magic Johnson, Shaq, and dozens of other NBA and WNBA  stars began playing at the Boys & Girls Club? It’s true! And The Club is a great place for players in Kindergarten through 6th grade, from lifetime hoopers to kids just learning the game. So if your youngster wants to play in the NBA, or just have a great time ballin’ with other kids, the Boys & Girls Club is the place to be!



Potential New Program!


2023 Fall High School Recreational Basketball

We are exploring the community interest in a recreational high school basketball league. If you or your child is interested in playing this fall and will be in 9th-12th grade in the 2023/2024 school year, please fill out the Google form using the red button below.


Upcoming Season Information


2023 K-1st Grade Mini’s Basketball

Please check back here in August 2023, for more information about the next mini’s basketball season!

Upcoming Season Information


2024 2nd- 5th Grade Winter Basketball

Over 240 athletes & 50 volunteers participated in the 2023 Basketball season for 2nd-5th Graders.

Please check back here in August 2023, for more information about next year’s basketball season!

It is important to recognize that athletes come in various skill levels and abilities. It is common practice for coaches to separate athletes by skill level for certain practice drills and games. This allows for fair and balanced competition and ensures that athletes of similar abilities are competing against each other. Separating athletes by skill level does not diminish the hard work and dedication that each athlete puts into their sport. Regardless of skill level, all athletes deserve respect and recognition for their efforts and achievements.

Refund Policy: Membership fees are non-refundable and are not prorated for any reason. Athletic Fees Refunds will be given as a credit that can be used by any child in the household for one year from the date of credit and only if the participant is injured and has an excuse from a doctor stating that they are unable to participate. If the injury occurs before practices start, a 50% credit will be granted. If an injury occurs after the first practice no credit will be granted.

We are proud to partner with DICK’S Sporting Goods to bring new equipment and supplies to our teams. Thank you DICK’s for investing in our community’s youth.