We have launched a new literacy program named Read & Dream, which strives to expand the reach of our academic success program through increased access to a variety of educational materials. We have purchased iPads and expanded our digital library to offer new books and multi-sensory interactive games to engage children in reading through sight, audio, and touch. We recently invested in new books to ensure that our members are staying engaged with new reading materials. To help our members get more excited about reading, we have created dedicated spaces for cozy reading corners that encourage a comfortable, imaginative space for young learners to spend time.

This program is named in memory of Marjie Nistad of Bellingham, WA. Marjie had a passion for education and taught elementary school in Whatcom county for more than 33 years. Marjie’s family is proud to launch the Read & Dream Literacy Program to continue her commitment to education.

If you are interested in donating to the Read & Dream Literacy Program, please contact Sara Maloney at smaloney@whatcomclubs.org or (360) 738-3808 ext. 304